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DJI Mavic – best Aerial Video shots I’ve captured so far!

49 thoughts on “DJI Mavic – best Aerial Video shots I’ve captured so far!

  1. Looks super !! when did you pre-order then order arrive ?? I’ve had mine on
    pre-order for about 6 weeks :(

  2. Habe beinahe jedes Video von Dir gesehen. Dieses ist ganz anders aber sehr
    sehr schön. Danke fürs Teilen, ich bin dann wohl ein Fan und ebenfalls
    FPVler der ersten Stunde. Fast 5 Jahre jetzt.

  3. Hey Schim, you gotta try the Litchi app with VR goggles it changes the game
    completely! The video is so nice, just wish our racing quads could produce
    this kind of video!

  4. Looks awesome and great shots! I’m thinking about picking up one of these
    for fill shots on my videos. The ease of use and how small it is are really
    attractive for that.

  5. Great video. You used to shoot a lot around old castles and ruins and I
    haven’t seen much of that of late and I’d been wondering if there were now
    restrictions on where you could fly around them?

  6. which real flight time did you experience? (and at which temperature)?
    Did you plan to buy which extra accessories (backpack or you got it

  7. I have got to agree, this is your best work to date. Everything was
    perfect, scenery, early morning fog, follow me in your csr, as well as
    excellent song choice with a perfect sounding score. Aplus plus

  8. It’s such a great ‘tool’, the Mavic, and looks like it really does the job
    ‘Out of the box’ so to speak. Can’t wait for mine to arrive! I’ve always
    had great results from DJI stuff, Wookong M, Naza M and H, (super reliable,
    easy to setup) maybe now folk might stop haranguing them for producing top
    quality Aerial photography platforms and control equipment? Nah, probably

  9. This is one of the best Mavic video efforts I have seen yet. Can’t wait to
    get mine……if it ever arrives………….

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