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How can a BNF DRONE go this FAST?? Diatone crusader GT2 review + Flight.

50 thoughts on “How can a BNF DRONE go this FAST?? Diatone crusader GT2 review + Flight.

  1. Love your videos mate. I’m a total noob to this hobby and I’m wary of
    dipping my toe in and buying my first out of the box quad, without knowing
    what other kit I need. Would you consider doing a video listing what’s
    needed and possibly budgeting it to a beginners level? Also, what GoPro
    copy did you say you used? Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. i still think when you flew the shuriken x1 in the woods course looked like
    your best flyin, although the gt2 going through that gate tilted up on edge
    was nothing short of incredible…. i hope the shuri is faster on tighter
    courses, cause i can’t afford the gt2 hehehe… i look forward to the
    battles, as a side note… could you do a cheapo version of the x1 or gt2
    with racerstar or kingkong motors?…

  3. can he take upside down crashes and the Cam will not every time broken? it
    looks on some picture not good becouse Cam is the highest part

  4. That twitch when you went up looks like what I had happen with my QAV-X
    with a SP Racing EVO F3… It was fine for hte longest time, and then it
    started doing that on occasion. I ended up having to soft mount it with
    rubber o-rings on top and bottom of it, and I have not had that happen

  5. i went to buy a drone today on banggood because ive been waiting for my
    money for a month and i put everything i needed to get going with the drone
    and some extras get to the cart page paypal fucking paypal only what the
    fuck is wrong with bang good just paypal im fucking 17 not old enough to
    own a paypal account well guess what bang good fuck off with yer pay pal
    and come back when you accept a fucking debit card

  6. Great vid keep them coming. I’ve noticed banggood keeps pushing the restock
    date back and back for the 200size but what are your thoughts on the GT2
    175 size? How did you get your hands on another one so quick!! 😋

  7. I’ve been waiting so long for this video! I just ordered mine! Thanks
    Stew!!! Can I pair this quad with the TBS Tango?? and what battery would
    you recommend for it??

  8. I am on my third SP3 video TX, first one did what yours did, the second one
    works but will not change band or channel. the third one I have I added
    thermal paste to the little heat pad under the SP3 TX to get the heat away
    from the board, seam to have fixed it so far. Diatone did replace the SP3
    with out any problems :-)

  9. Also Diatone sent me some new settings 🙂

    Blheli-s Suit

    Low Throttle 1040
    Max Throttle 1980
    Set Startup power at 0.125
    Demag at medium-high or high
    Timing medium high
    Brake on,
    Temp protection off

    Betaflight setting:

    Open multi-shot
    Load this setting in blank,and save

    In CLI do the following:
    set gyro_lowpass_type = FIR
    set dterm_lowpass_type = FIR
    set dterm_lowpass = 100
    Set gyro_lowpass = 150
    set gyro_notch1_hz = 0
    set gyro_notch2_hz = 0

  10. Fantastic seeing you fly this finally! I’m curious if you flew with stock
    PIDs and rates or if you made any changes?

  11. Exellent skills . Exellent quad.
    Had mine a week and its balistic!!!!
    Please share your pids in betaflight .
    Bought on your reomendation……shuriken X1 or Gt2…GT2 the winner.
    Thanks again.

  12. That’s better 🙂 should always get a bit of general action/ability of the
    product asap……….do with that with everything from here on in and you
    are onto a winner :)…..resubscribed………………………..for now!

  13. The same thing happened on my ideafly grasshopper 210 VTX. I was using it
    and then all of sudden it just crapped out and won’t work anymore :(

  14. That looks as fast as the screamer but you can really see how locked in it
    You can tell your not fighting to get round the corners.
    Thanks for the second incredible review on this quad.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! 🙂 – Drone Brothers

  16. Srew what probably wrong was with your first diatone quad, is that the vtx
    was off just hold the button for a couple second

  17. Nice video Stuart, that racing footage looked so quick! Impressive to see
    the level BNF quads are getting to these days.

  18. For now you have to know how to build to fix them, or its just another toy
    to throw in the bin. One day parts will just unplug and plug in like
    replacing a wing on a foam plane that breaks.

  19. Hey, I’m not sure if you see this, but what would you recommend as a
    starter fpv quad? I am thinking about the RISE Vusion 250.

  20. I bought the gt2 150 frame and added the kombini , dalrc bs25 and brother
    hobby t1 1407 3600kv… thinking it would be a great parking lot flyer.
    Holy cow almost peed my pants after one lipo… too fast for parkings. I
    bet i could beat 250s with it no problem.

  21. Thanks Stew – awesome, smooth, crazy fast flying there! I think you’re
    right that more and more superb handling quads of all sizes and
    applications (fpv racing, fpv acro, los acro) will be coming out at prices
    that will make it harder and harder to choose to custom build for all but
    the folks who are just into building for it’s own sake or who need/want
    very specific specs at the high levels of performance/competition. The
    thing about production consumer items is that you get the highest levels of
    insight and engineering, and then a lengthy process of iterative testing
    and refinement that you just can’t match as a hobbyist, plus the end
    product gets pricing based on volume parts buying. At $280 bucks for the
    GT2, you already probably can’t build a quad with that level of performance
    just in the cost of parts alone, and that’s assuming you have as much
    insight as the GT2 design team to build something that can match it’s
    performance. A little sad maybe, but the performance we’ll be able to buy
    will continue to go through the roof and at the same time the prices will

  22. See if you can get your hands on the ASL HIRO 180-X frame and do a build on
    it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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