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Which Camera (or Drone) Should I Buy – December 2016

50 thoughts on “Which Camera (or Drone) Should I Buy – December 2016

  1. Tony where is the Macro ?!
    Im trying to get Em1 mkii (with 60mm olympus macro) because of 2x crop and
    weight and 18fps or 60fps ! Great art. Touch screen….

    Im just waiting for GH5 to see if any better… But do u recommend anything
    better than this?

    Thank you

  2. To me, the d5300 with the 18-105 or 18-140 is a great video/photo camera.
    It works great for my work. Just ordered a d810.

  3. currently have the tamron 70-200 and havent had any issues, is it worth
    upgrading to the new nikon? i mean 2,800 just seems a bit outrageous…

  4. Nice recommendations Tony, pretty well covers just about every use case out
    there. I have a couple D800E’s but have not upgraded to the D810 — I’ll
    skip that and see what comes next. My last flagship camera, the Canon 1DsM2
    lasted me from 2004 to 2012 so I expect to go to about 2020 with the
    D800E’s. Also have the Inspire 1 Pro and have an order for the Phantom 4
    Pro. The Inspire 2 with the X5S camera is tempting but I’ll skip the 2 and
    probably wait for the 3. The Phantom 4 Pro with higher bit rate and nearly
    30 minute flight times may be used more than the I1 Pro.

  5. Great Video, Im surprised you didnt recommend the Tamron or Sigma 150 – 600
    lenses for wild life. It would take a grand of the budget and produce great

  6. Awesomeness galore. Great to see a shout out for the little T3i. My first
    “real camera” was a used T3i from a pawn shop years ago. A GREAT starter
    DSLR, especially for the price. I think it’s best to start on a camera
    WITHOUT a touchscreen to help the operation and handling get burned into
    your muscle memory. Not that I don’t love my touchscreen now! Like my very
    first car, I have fond memories of the T3i, even if it wasn’t the fanciest
    thing on the road.

  7. Hi Tony, i planned to buy DSLR Camera my option is Canon 80D, Nikon D5500,
    Nikon D7200. Can you recommend what would the best camera i will purchased?

  8. I have a 70d I’ve been using it for a alot of different things but trying
    to figure out what lense to buy for my landscapes what do you suggest?

  9. I have a D5300 with 18-140mm and 35mm lens. Which lens you suggest for
    starting wildlife and portraits(like headshots) nikon 70-300mm VR or tamron
    70-300 vc?

  10. d3300 18-105 vs d5300 18-55 vs olympus e-m10 (all at the same price) –
    amateur photography. At the begining i am not planning to buy lenses i will
    stick to the kit. Photos of kids, portaits(blurred background), landscapes
    etc.Which of those 3 would be the best choice ? I cant make up my mind.
    Please help.

  11. Hi Tony I love your videos and books. A question I have not seen answered
    anywhere is how to handle all these pictures from all these devices. Let me
    add the variables. I take most of the family pictures but my wife and
    daughter use their iPhones extensively. I also have adult children living
    on their own. Right now we share pictures by facebook,, Flickr, emailing,
    sharing the memory card, but there is no central location that everyone has
    access to and houses all the pictures. I am also using Lightroom to touch
    up photos so I we have raw and edited photos floating around too. Is there
    a solution to this? Thanks.

  12. Dear Tony! What do you think about MFT cameras for both stills and video?
    For example GX8 with 12-35mm f2.8 has the same video capabilities, but much
    more cheaper than X-T2? Or Olympus omd5 II with 12-40mm f2.8? Thank you!

  13. I just got my first DSLR used from a pawn shop, I traded even for it. It
    was a Nikon D3100, I really like it, at first I thought it was broke
    because everything was blurred or had tons of noise but after your help I’m
    taking pretty nice photos from where I started ” I bought 4 of your books.”
    I also probably watched over 40 hours of YouTube vids about photography as
    well. My goal is to take photographs just cause I enjoy getting out and
    going places and this gives me an excuse to go and something to do once
    there, however I would love to be able to make some money on the side since
    the investment is so much. I don’t want to be a full time photographer, I
    just would like to cover my expenses for the hobby. Should I stick with the
    2 lens that came with the Nikon D3100 and move to a D810 for example or
    could I go ahead and get the DX lenses and then upgrade my body to a 5500,
    7100, 7200 later.

  14. What do you think about the canon 80D. Also what setup would you recommend
    for someone vlogging on YouTube as well as doing tech reviews

  15. i hope the fuji x-t20 gets the same video capabilities as the xt2.. even if
    recorded time is limited i would appreciate the the quality. hopefully they
    find a way to add headphone jack, but since xt2 doesnt have it, i hightly
    doubt it.

  16. I opine the following: so only 1 Pentax recommended and that a full-frame
    camera, showing as about $2,234 but that might be body only. I saw a video
    on the new K70 where the quality of the video looked excellent, perhaps you
    could review it. I realise frame rate affects use for sports, but for
    outdoor photography surely weatherproofing is a plus and with Pentax comes
    image stabilisation in the body. It would be very interesting if you do a
    weatherproof cameras review. I realise you did a great waterproof ie
    underwater video, and my compact Fuji works well there and also in rain.
    Before I bought my Pentax K-S2 after watching your review and others, I was
    going for a Canon but was unaware whether they did weatherproof.

  17. Hey tony really helpful presentation, thanks for that, am wondering y
    70D/80D is not on your list, which category u’ll place for these ones 😊

  18. I have a very basic Canon T5 18-55 kit I’m looking to upgrade. I don’t have
    a problem switching from Canon to Nikon I like portrait, landscape and
    moderate motion shots (automotive) what would you suggest? Thanks in

  19. Clear and comprehensive. No longer do I need to answer people’s questions
    about this topic. I will just send them the link to this video. Thanks

  20. Hi Tony, You yourself have Canon Pro lenses and the 5D MK3 but they don’t
    figure in your recommendations at all? Why is this? Are you worried of
    criticism of recommending products you actually own? Presumably you chose
    these as you felt they were the best for you at the time. Why not go with
    some of your recommendations here? Genuinely curious.

  21. Arguably the Sony A6500 isn´t a new successor of the A6300. It is an
    upgrade with new options, mainly the stabilizer. The Sony A6300 AND the
    A6500 are a new generation of the A6000 series, yes. So the A6000 is only
    one generation older (and still a beast to beat for the price…)

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