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19 thoughts on “JJRC H37 Elfie Altitude Hold Selfie drone onboard footage only

  1. Its okay for the low price, better than some quads, i tried to get one free
    on gearbest but its not on the deal, oh to be a tester

  2. Thanks for the quick post of the camera footage, it is really appreciated!
    I was hoping it was 16:9. It does not look too bad though for what it is.

  3. Too bad about the quality, do stills look equally as bad? On a positive
    note; what a great area to do some long range FPV with a fixed wing. High
    vantage point and beautiful rolling hills:)

  4. Thank you very much for uploading the video 🙂 But… In the description of
    the JJRC H37, it says that the camera is in 720p… And here your video is
    only in 480p… Is there a setting to change on the app ?

  5. Well for the money , what can you expect. Not bad but also not great. It’s
    a great beginner quad. Thanks for the review. By the way we just got our
    first snow here in Ohio also. No Blue Skies here for a while. Thanks again.

  6. thanks, tigger… it’s good to see the in-line footage in the little box on
    the review, but it also helps to see the real onboard footage

  7. Another stupid question … Any chance of trying to strap on the 808 16

    That might make for some good video …

  8. Can you answere it please.
    I ask you these questions because my son wishes an Drone für Christmas and
    i want to buy the best.
    What is the best Quad with long battery for 100$
    What is the best drone with very good camera for 200$

  9. Quality wise, the camera is exactly the same as in CX-30W. Wish they could
    give, at least, an 808 camera quality.

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