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21 thoughts on “2017 BEST DRONES – BUYER’S GUIDE

  1. Thanks JD, excellent. Is there a site that compares the exact differences
    between the Phantom Pro and Mavic Pro? Thanks!

  2. The AEE Toruk AP 10 is also a great platform and stable and runs around 400
    to 600 which will come under DJI or Yuneec for price point

  3. I’ve also used the rakon frame on my Tiny Whoop. Man, all those small
    screws, luckly I have a lot of patience. Did you use lock-tied to prevent
    the screws come lose? Happy flying!

  4. does anyone know of a good beginners drone between 150 to 220$ that takes
    good pics and videos? I’m not looking for the best drone out there but the
    best drone I can get for this price range. also ,I don’t want to have to
    add a gopro to it. thanks everyone

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