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11 thoughts on “San Francisco Drone Shots from last winter

  1. Right after the towers came down, “If we change the way we live EVEN A
    LITTLE, the bad guys WIN..!” It was trundled out even for dumb stuff:

    “Should I wear this Aloha shirt, or the more sedate one..?” “Aloha all the
    way bro, should we change the way we live even a little, the terrorists

    But now the way we live has changed considerably.


    But I can’t help thinking that in 10 years we’ll look at this and sigh,
    “Once, we were free..”

  2. Yo man, what modifications did u do? I have a dji phantom 3 standard and
    can’t get quality night shots like that for shit.. Let me know if I need to
    update to a better drone

  3. I just now got into video drones you should make videos on drones how to
    use them properly because I am just learning I got a cheap one from Fry’s
    so I can learn but I can’t wait to get the GPS kind and the robotic drone
    where you can direct the Drone where you wanted to go

  4. fucking gorgeous dude! You are bound to make money with this talent. looks
    illegal as hell tho flying over the city lol

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