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13 thoughts on “FreeX MCFX-01 Drone FLY UNBOX review

  1. GREAT JOB MY FRIEND !looking forward to working with you again.can’t
    wait…i have some VERY special places for us to explore!

  2. Good stuff here, two youtubers getting together to fly. Wish I could have
    been there too! Thanks for sharing. DJ SOUL FORCE

  3. Full metal sent me:). You have a lot of cool stuff on your channel that I
    am definitely interested in. Subscribed!

  4. haven probs getting com port to pick up quad for distabce height adjustment
    any help some one said in manual mode no limit well 1000 meters plus rtl
    works in that mode to can you check it out do update video lots people
    haven connection issues on laptops etc cheers want the range one reason got
    this quad done two flight 1st good second hit a wall at 150 couldnt go any
    futher was acting funny nearly flew off tride turning away from me rtl hit
    switch ober shoot but took over manual got her down back check out flight
    on my channel gadgetman 404 Freex skyview fpv beach madien could have gone
    so wrong cheers any help please

  5. is there light mod for freeX yet lights flash when power up down but at
    distance cant see em solid light be better

  6. I heard you say that you added FPV to this drone. Can you please tell me
    what all you would need to transmit the video? I have a GoPro Hero 3 Black.
    Does the FPV footage come from the Hero or do you mount a second camera for
    the FPV? What screen do you use on your remote control?

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