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50 thoughts on “How to Build 100kmph FPV RACING DRONE – Full Video guide 5S DIY

  1. Great build mate. You speak just fast enough to understand, more so, to
    keep me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next step! Nice one!~! Just
    noticed, you say “solder” not “sodder” so where are you from?

  2. Hi Stuart, thanks for another great vid. I am only new to this sport, well
    quads anyway, and its really good to watch someone who doesn’t SODDER
    supply some excellent content from AU. I have only been buying components
    from Hobby King, Ali Express and Bang Good so any good Aussie shops you
    wanna name drop – feel free. BTW, that 5S thing was an absolute rocket!!

  3. I race high end rc cars and trucks and have a digital hakko soldering iron.
    I build really nice rides and want to get into this hobby. My solder jobs
    are really nice but that’s on 12ga wire, this little stuff is very
    intimidating. I’m afraid I’m gonna fry boards.

  4. You mentioned 2min flight times. Is there anyway to extend time to 5-6min?
    What would need to be changed on this build to allow this? (And perhaps to
    fly 2min insane speeds occasionally). 2min is too short :)

  5. Are the parts fairly durable ? Also, how much cocaine will I need? Is lead
    soldier toxic? Also, It seems like this guy has heaps of cocaine. I checked
    the playback speed, surprisingly its set to normal. Perhaps the title
    should be: How to Build a FPV RACING DRONE at 100kmph
    (Whilst consuming massive amounts of cocaine)

    IT SO SO SOOOO FINE. I would watch out if I was you,Satan’s gunna want his
    quad back and YOU got it! 🙂 SERIOUSLY REALLY PRO FINISH ON IT ALL
    ROUND,WELL DONE! p.s sorry for yelling just so super stoked on it,inspires
    me to finish my fpv LONG range 18 scale, 1978, 3 speed, Toyota Landcruiser

  7. Hello, I’m a newbie on racing drones stuff but I want to learn more about.
    I wonder if there’s a list of parts that I need to have the complete kit
    (RC control, teleporter glasses, full drone build, batteries and all that I
    need in order to have one of this working) If you can help me with this I
    will be very thankful with you.

    My Idea is to have 2 or 3 drones with one transmitter or big antena so I
    can race with some friends together… Thanks!

  8. love ya vids bro im Melbourne based thinking of getting into race quads
    been flying toy grade and hubsan 501s for 6 mounths what would u recommend
    for my firsr race quad and gear ? cheers

  9. very nice video!, just rebuilding mine after a crash, snapped arm buggered
    the receiver 🙂 only had it a week

  10. Ok im looking for a drone for around 200$+/- i have flown drones before, i
    would like to have a drone that goes at good speed and can fly in ok wind (
    i live in norway ) it can get quite windy here at autumn but its buityfull
    to take droneshots any ideas? Or should i just build one

  11. im trying to build a cheap beginer drone for under 150$ any kits slash fpv
    cameras in idea for me to acomplish its for my 15 year old kid hes geting
    into drone racing

  12. Hi Stewart. Can’t open the google list for components could you please list
    them here for me and where in Oz I can get them. Cheers Daz

  13. How much would it cost if i bought a RTF version of this straight from you
    with everything including fpv goggles and a remote control to use it

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