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30 thoughts on “Eachine H99D Cheap Camera Drone Review – TheRcSaylors

  1. Can’t believe the comments. Did anyone watch the video and listen to what
    you were saying. Sorry, that thing is junk. And before anyone sends me
    nasty comments, listen to Nate and watch the WHOLE video. Good video Nate
    and Abby!

  2. Thats the reason I watch your reviews,I know that that quad doesnt hold up
    well. Your reviews are honest and that is important. I have seen too many
    manufacturer sponsored reviews that claim how great a product is,only to
    learn it wasnt. As usual, you get what you pay for. anything under a
    hundred dollars is pretty much short for this world. As you once again

  3. those things happen. if you ever take up flying collective pitch helis
    you’ll be breaking stuff all the time.

  4. Hehe kinda funny. Of course the wifi wont work. Its not a wifi- quad haha.
    🙂 But I guess it just to buy that wifi-cam :-)

  5. Just received this last week. Prop base can crack so it is a good idea to
    wrap with heavy tape like electric or use a shrink tube. Wifi will work.
    Turn quad on , turn and arm transmitter, search the jjrc fpv connection in
    list of wifi connections and connect.

    My Samsung Galaxy will fit without case but I am going to try putting my
    phone in a VR google set.

  6. Yesterday I was flying it fpv and went too far out of stopped
    responding to my imputs and banked hard left and crashed. One blade stopped
    spinning the same way at the end of this video. After close inspection, i
    noticed the small pinion gear was raised above the main gear . After
    pushing pinion back down to align with main gear; the quad was operational

  7. Can you easily swap the battery like somehow plug&play rather than having
    to open the drone taking screws and that stuff. Because I’ve seen some
    drones where you could but this doesn’t looks like so

  8. Eachine H99d is a camera 3mp(wide angles lense) but not fpv
    Eachine H99w is wifi camera with 2mp camera
    But it is confusing because at the front there is the eachine H99D but at
    the back there is eachine H99w and it is very confusing so I hope that
    banggood will fix it but its good anyways

  9. Hey mate, what do you think is the best bang for your buck FPV quad that
    won’t break easily? Have you tried the Eachine E40G?

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