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DIY Mod for LONGER FLIGHT times – Quadcopter UDI U818 & U818A-1 Discovery DroneTube

37 thoughts on “DIY Mod for LONGER FLIGHT times – Quadcopter UDI U818 & U818A-1 Discovery DroneTube

  1. Hell, i just slipped my 1200 battery between the camera mount, and the
    body. A little snug, but no mods needed.

  2. Nice idea but dont you think the reason the housing was to protect
    moisture, rain drops, dirt from getting into the electrical housing?

  3. How do I repair the white gear which spins the propeller. there are 2 white
    gears, a small on and a larger one. the propeller stopped working (Black
    Propeller)…do I have to replace the entire arm?

  4. I got 4 of the Neewer 1500 batteries for my U818a. They worked great at
    first then three of them swelled up and won’t keep a charge now. I use the
    wall cube that came with the copter. Can’t figure what the problem is..

  5. I donno the battery you got but at my local B&M hobby shop, I bought a 3.7v
    1100mah that looks quite a bit smaller than yours. Anyway, this 1100mah
    fits sideways where the 500mah goes. It’s a snug fit but I loosened the
    camera screws and it wedges nicely.

  6. Hey everyone, thought i’d let you know that UDI has come out with an
    upgraded U818 quad called “Discovery” and It’s getting rave reviews on
    Amazon. We’re ordering one for review. Check it out here:

  7. May I ask have you charged this bigger battery with a stock charger until
    the green LED showed up? And maybe checked it’s output voltage after it was
    fully charged? Because like I mentioned in your other video where you
    tested it with your battery, after I fully charged mine that’s labeled 2000
    mAh, it showed 4,23 V on multimeter, although I know from other people’s
    experiences the output voltage of lipo batteries shouldn’t go more than 4,2
    V, because any higher voltage would damage or shorten the battery’s
    capacity. Please answer!

  8. Can someone please reply and help regarding the type of lipo battery for
    this quad, because when I connect this 2000mAh battery
    to my my quadcopter it spinns
    propellers only to about 50% of given throttle and then turns itself off
    automatically. When I connect its stock battery it works fine spinning the
    propellers at full throttle. Has anyone come across this problem??

  9. I have a u818a circuit board but the motors are rated for 7.4v battery. My
    question is will the 7.4v batteries fry the circuit board. I’m building
    this quad out of extra parts. Thanks for the welcomed input Bob III

  10. probably not the best idea with something like this especially with a soft
    pack lipo. a crash could cause a battery short then fire

  11. Hey hey, The best guide that I have noticed was on Volt daddy (i found it
    on google) Probably the most detailed info on batteries and this kinda
    stuff that have found.

  12. For I wouldn’t cut me drone I would get double sided adhesive tape and tape
    it on top. But then again that’s me.

  13. Why didn’t you just feed the battery wire in through the slot you made
    rather than drill another hole and have the wire hanging outside?

  14. nice video… but doesnt that battery on top create a much less stable
    flight (it certainly raises the center of gravity). why not figure an easy
    way to widen the original battery slot?

  15. Hey bro we can use mini solar panel and can attach at top of drone and
    connect instead of battery socket so it will work or not pls

  16. Hello thare , i have a cencern . I have asked a lot of diffrent ppl , and
    the majority says that if you put a bigger battery it will burn the motoer
    and it will sett fire . i was just curious to see if it is true or not ???

  17. hi
    my Quadcopter use 3.7v 500mah Can I inserting the battery size 3.7v 5000mah
    ( is the large mah damege my Quadcopter
    thank you

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